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As humans our imagination has always run wild. Vampires, ghouls, goblins, fairies and other beasties have found a place in our mythology since time began, no matter which country you belonged to there would be always something to scare the children with! But what if these imaginings turned out to be true….. I mean, we all know the myths surrounding vampires and demons. Vampires have become particularly well known through Rumanian folklore, the one where if you are bitten by a vampire you were doomed to roam the earth for eternity sucking blood from some other unfortunate creature and being harrassed by yokels brandishing pointy wooden sticks because it was their belief that once this stick was inserted into your heart (none to gently!) then the vampire would die forever. Demons also have been around since the dawn of time and are native to all superstitions world wide. They range from the ancient near east in Mesopotamia known as the Sedu, a human-headed winged bull to the Jinn in ancient Arab beliefs and the Christian devils, the fallen angels such as Satan and the Horseman of the Apocalypse, and I’ve just named just a few examples!Okay so this is where it becomes a little stranger….if ….it can get any stranger! The world of myth and legend somehow after a great catastrophe interweaves itself into human existence in a way that begins generations of interbred hybrids with vampire, demon, fallen angel etc impregnating human females for hundreds of thousands of years to develop these hybrids of such proportions as to be the stuff of Horror movies and some so subtle that one could not tell whether human or not, but for small tell tale signs. So overtime humans tried to get used to the idea and failed, however, an uneasy truce exists today in modern times, but not all is as it seems…..beyond the mountain ranges of a legendary place called Vastnir, where a small select group of vamps, pure of blood have resided since the catastrophe, protected by deep and often confusing, treacherous sub-terranean cave systems.


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